5 Dune Riding Locations For This Summer

Freedom looks like sand in your gears, blazing through wide-open spaces, and tearing through that G-force at the bottom of a dune at full throttle. The best kicks and thrills come from making your own adventures. If you happen to be on the lookout for a new desert ATV adventure, maybe one of these locations can help you find your next adrenaline fix.


Glamis – California

There’s a reason this place is called the sand toy capital of the world. The Imperial Sand Dunes in southern California give 40 miles out of open space for tearing it up, or for turning up the speed and leaving your friends in the dust. If you’re checking the best dates to travel, see which of their local festivals are up and coming, and make sure you hit the sweet spot of the riding season between September and May. It can get pretty blazing in SoCal, in more ways than one.


St. Anthony Sand Dunes – Idaho

If your idea of a good time includes a vertical 300-foot mountain of sand, welcome to Idaho. It may not be the ATV adventure detour you were expecting, but it’s the one you didn’t know you needed. Depending on the season and the elevation, you may even get a touch of snow mixed in with your sand, and the mingled elevations here mean that you are a little less likely to die of thirst. Sick stunts, though? The jury’s still out.


Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area – Oregon

10,000 acres of open sand dunes to tear through isn’t a bad way to spend a vacation. These sand dune trails in Oregan creep their way into pine forests, and provide you a mixture of open space to have your way, and evergreen detours and scattered green sea grass to get some variety in your off-road action that you might not find in the American south.


Dumont Dunes – California

Death Valley isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’ve got the guts and the gear, then the Dumont Dunes just north of Baker, CA, are ready and waiting. Perhaps because of the more intense climate, these dunes are normally less trafficked than the Imperial Sand Dunes. Make sure your body and your gear are up for the challenge.


Little Sahara – Utah

Have you ever heard of Sand Mountain? Surprise. It’s one of Utah’s many natural wonders, and it’s Utahs’ tallest sand dune at nearly 700 feet high. It comes with the territory in Utah: mountains, cliffs, rough terrain, and about 60,000 acres of sand in the Little Sahara all just waiting to be explored.



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