Make Sure Your ATV Is Ready for A Dune Trip

Sand dune riding is a whole other animal to off-roading on rock or soil. The feel of it is more fluid, and the softer landing gives you a bit more liberty if you want to try out a few simple tricks for the first time.

Off-roading on sand also takes a little more prep work to make sure that your gear is up to speed for the adventure, though. Make sure you’re prepped and ready to go before you start blazing a trail.

Your ATV Parts Checklist

Protecting your gear properly from sand struggles will keep your ATV and parts clean, fully functional, and protected from wear.

  • Start with fresh oil. Your transmission and your motor are going to be in overdrive, and you want to make sure those gears are well lubricated for a fresh turn in the sand.
  • You should be sure to check your filter too—because it’s going to be your engine’s safeguard against those flying sand particles when you’re too busy enjoying the ride to worry. 
  • Make sure that there aren’t any loose parts that might be at risk of knocking loose and getting lost in the dunes.
  • A quick tire check could save you a boatload of grief. When they’re in good shape, the tires, tire pressure, and wheels work together to keep you safe on the sand, and to help create the right levels of tension for simple stunts, racing, or just going with the flow. Especially if you plan to take your ATV out on sand without paddles, you’ll want to make sure your tire pressure is good first. If your tires are lacking air, they may struggle to get the traction you need in sand to get moving at all, let alone for speeding through those curves.

Last But Not Least: Adjust for Air

If you want to prep for some simple, smooth jumps where your ride isn’t getting stuck in the sand, you can make a few simple alterations to your ride before you get started. It’s a good idea to try dropping the front sprocket size down one tooth, to help you build more power in the dense sand. Don’t forget that different tire cleats—or grips—are going to interact with sand differently. Paddle tires are going to perform better in sand, and help you maneuver easier.

Gear Up, Get Gone

Doing a few simple checks on your ATV and gear set you up for a good time, and save you from any unwanted surprises. Some safety checks on the front end of your fun mean that once you hit the sand, you can just worry about having a good time. And leaving your friends in the dust.

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