We have put together a collection of must-have parts for when you install your new swingarm. Our swingarms are built to receive any of these as a perfect match. We can ship these items with your new swingarm when ordered together. If you have any questions about what you might need please feel free to contact us via the message button in the bottom right corner. Below is an explanation of each part.

Pivot Bearings - When buying your new swingarm it's best to install new bearings. You cannot reuse your old ones. Terrafab Tip: freeze your bearings before installing them

Extended Brake Line - With a longer swingarm you will need a longer brakeline. Your stock brake line will not work on anything over +2"

Brake Line Clamps - We like these clamps for several reasons: they are super clean, have a polished chrome look and they fit the tubes on our swingarms to provide a simple way to secure your brake line. Terrafab Tip: this beats zip ties

Chain Guide - These are the only chain guides that fit our swingarms and we highly recommend running a chain guide to avoid the risk of busted cases.

Extended Chain - With a longer swingarm you will need a longer chain. Your stock chain will not work with your new swingarm.

Bearing Carrier - Most of our swingarms will accept your stock bearing carrier. However, some will require an upgrade like the Banshee, 04-05 YFZ450, Raptor 660, Blaster, Warrior, LT250, LT500, LTZ/DFX/KFX400, 81-84 ATC 250R, 350X, 300EX, and a few others. 

Carrier Style Aluminum Racing Axles - These key-driven CNC machined billet aluminum ATV axle assemblies offer superior strength without the added weight.
Where a conventional ATV axle uses splines, this axle uses a key drive. Each hub has been split and is clamped on the axle shaft with a set of pinch bolts. This key drive and "pinched" hub is similar to that used on Shifter Carts and Jr. Dragsters. This configuration in an ATV axle has proven itself to be a bullet-proof and maintenance-free design for recreational dune riding, hill shooting, and drag racing.
7075-T6 axle shafts are 40mm diameter from end-to-end. Our wheel hubs can be adjusted to set the desired tracking width.


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